Adventures at Apple Part 1 1988-93: Movie Mania

After leaving Alias I joined the Advanced Technology Group at Apple Computer, Inc. I started by working on making a movie of physically-based snake locomotion which was an extension of my 1988 SIGGRAPH paper. This led to the motion generation code and the renderer for Her Majesty's Secret Serpent.

Frank the Snake in Her Majesty's Secret Serpent

Eric the Dynamic Worm Jr. in The Audition

Scene from Splash Dance

With the birth of QuickTime (in 1991) I worked on a multimedia title called the Virtual Museum. This enabled users to walk from room to room and to examine exhibits. The Virtual Museum contained the seeds of the ideas which later became QuickTime VR.

The Plant Room in the Virtual Museum

Scenes from Flow

Custom Shaders

Examples of Accessibility shading

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