Gavin Miller: Interval Research 1997-Present

Ornamentation Project

The goal of the ornamentation project was to develop a set of tools to allow the easy creation of elaborate shapes with a minimum of effort on the part of the user. Here are some example results from the animation Rondeau which was shown at SIGGRAPH '98 in the Animation Theater. Click on the images for higher resolution versions

Emblem with Vertical and Horizontal Symmetry
Click here for the animation 320x240 (2.3 MB)

Bowl Generated on a Spherical Template
Click here for an animation 320x240 (1.7 MB)


Typographic Ornament


Ornamental Picture Frame

More recently, the renderer was extended to include accessibility shading and metallic shaders. The following images were produce in 2000.

Bowl with Accessiblity Shading

Silver Bowl with Accessibility Shading

Silver Cross with Accessibility Shading

Silver Crown with Accessibility Shading


Table Ornament


Silver Table Ornament



Ornamental Design



Embellished Frame

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