Interval Research Corporation

1997 - 2000


While at Interval Research Corporation I worked on a number of projects, many of which remain confidential.


However, part of that work included a project to build a low latency light field framebuffer which enabled a form of virtual hologram. This formed the basis of a paper in SIGGRAPH 1999 which is described below at the following link:

A Real-Time Low-Latency Hardware Light-Field Renderer


A related project involved creating algorithms for head-tracked light field movies that worked in real time and gave the illusion of viewing holographic television. This work is described below including links to video clips of the demonstrations.

Head-Tracked Light Field Movies: A New Multimedia Data Type


A follow-on project to that involved building a light field camera that is described in the article about Interval in the December 1999 issue of Wired Magazine.


The Camera Array


Performing Marco Polo


Playing Marco Polo

The Light Field Camera 1999

Another project at Interval, done as a spare time activity, involved developing automatic ornamentation algorithms.

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